Project overview


Nowadays, fruits and vegetables have to be labelled to inform the consumer of product specifics due to EU regulation. This labeling process cost many energy sources and generate harmful substances.

Present market practice applies adhesive laminated sticker on approximately 70% of pieces in a basket. The production of adhesive stickers requires natural resources (wood for paper, energy, water) as well as chemical substances (glue & ink production).

Once the food item is purchased, stickers are likely to be thrown away in due time.

Project description:

The LASER MARK alternative consists in the marking of fruits and vegetables with an edible contrast substance which turns coloured when activated by a laser.

This project proposes an alternative to adhesive paper stickers, which is technically possible, reduces significantly the environmental harm caused by the traditional label procedure and is economically viable.

LASER MARK promotes a more environmentally friendly fruits labeling process allowing the reduction of use of resources, energy consumption and GHG emissions, while guaranteeing full information about origin and production conditions of fruits and vegetables.