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The last LASER MARK Project Steering Committee meeting

06/06/2013 - Valencia (Spain)

The last Steering Committee meeting of the LASER MARK project was held on the 6th June, 2013 in Valencia, Spain. All the project partners were present and congratulated each other on their successful cooperation. The project has achived its aims and another important reason for celebration was the adoption of the new EU [...] More »

EU adopts new laser marking regulation for fresh fruits

03/06/2013 - Brussels (Belgium)

A new European ragulation on marking technology was adopted by the European Commission on 3 June 2013. This represents a major boost to widespread market adoption of the LASER MARK tecnhology. See the full text of the European Commission Regulation (EU) No 510/2013 at the link below:

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El Mundo publishes article about LASER MARK technology

13/05/2013 - Madrid (Spain)

The Spanish daily El Mundo published an article about the LASER MARK technology entitled "Laser Food “tattoos” labels according to the size of the fruit with artificial vision".

El Mundo is the second largest printed daily newspaper in Spain and the largest digital newspaper with a daily circulation topping 200,000 readers for the [...] More »